Best Birria Tacos

"I am Chef Lewis owner and chef of More Than A Apron LLC! I am known all over for my flavorful Birria products. I do not just make Birria I’m known for other dishes and creating the perfect dish for you. I have a few services I provide like, catering, private chef, and meal preps. I’m not just about cooking and money I am a chef that loves to take off my apron and have fun, connect with my supporters and give back."

People who Recommend MORE THAN A APRON

Best tacos ever!! Located 10 min from work - definitely my newest addiction 🤣

-Haley D.


Chef Darion knows what's up! Excellent, fresh, and flavorful food. Hands down the best tacos around! He and his staff are always friendly and welcoming to his patrons which makes for a wonderful experience while filling your belly with awesome food!

-Lisa J.


Not your usual tacos. Absolutely delicious. I would definitely order this again!!

-Cheryl L.


The best birria tacos I have EVER had!! So much flavor. Everyone needs these tacos in their life!!

-Lori B.


This dude puts his heart and soul into his tacos and into his customers. He genuinely cares about his community and the people who support him.

-Stephen C.


I finally got out and tried the beef birria tacos and I can say this is the best food I've ever tasted can not recommend this place enough!

-Rocky H.

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More Than a Apron
We serve a variety of food here at More Than a Apron. Our menu offers Lamb Mac, Beef Mac, Chicken Birria Fries, Supreme Chicken and more! We are located South Main Street. Order online for carryout!
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